Five Ways to Get the Most From Your Donors

Five Ways to Get the Most From Your Donors
  1. Ask for their support often

Whether it’s financial, volunteer time, or something else that your organization needs, your supporters are probably only going to give you a hand when you ask for it. With this in mind – the more you ask, the more you’ll receive. Fundraising is hard and rejection happens often, but by asking for donations more frequently than you probably think you should, you’ll find that your budget will grow and your donors will actually be happier to see their support going further

  1. Tell them what you’re doing

In your communications with donors, let them know exactly where their money and support has been going. They already want to see your organization and cause succeed – so prove to them that you are doing that. People are more likely to give more money more often if they know that their gifts are leading to actual change in whatever your cause does

  1. Ask them for more

People don’t know that you need more support unless you let them know. Even a little bit of sophistication in fundraising practices and donation tracking can get you to find more support from the same donor base. People often have more to give than they’re already giving, and if your organization is following #2, those donors would be happy to give you a little more if it led to better results for your cause

  1.  Honor your donor’s requests

Few things upset someone more than when they aren’t listened to. This is just as true with your donors. If you receive a donation along with a note that they want to know more about your organization, a project, or want less communications – listen to them. The better your communication with your donors is – both sharing information and listening – the happier they’ll be with your organization and the more likely they’ll be to volunteer, spread positive word, or give money again.

  1. Thank them for everything

If you’ve just hosted an event or finished a fundraiser, say thank you to everybody that helped or attended. This goes beyond just the volunteers – every donor, attendee, AND volunteer makes your organization tick. Without each of their support, your success would be limited, so let them know that. By acknowledging people’s support, you’re more likely to draw their support again in the future.

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