Thoughts on Compassion: Creating opportunities for and with people

Thoughts on Compassion is an initiative of GivingMail’s team of fundraising experts. We want to highlight the amazing work of nonprofits that we love in our community. Join their cause. Be part of the change.

Since 1987, Rise Services has provided practical, professional, and personal growth opportunities for children, adults, and their families throughout Arizona, Utah, Oregon, Texas, and Idaho.

Rise supports people with intellectual and developmental disabilities through residential services, day programs, employment assistance, managed care, and home or community-based services.

The group supports both children and families with services such as foster care, professional parenting, adoption, kinship care, after-school and summer programs, behavior supports, and mental health services.

Rise has Early Intervention Services for children under the age of three with a significant developmental delay or established condition and includes Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Developmental Specialties.

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