Thoughts on Compassion: Ending poverty

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After spending a few summers living in East Africa and seeing the complex challenges those living in poverty face every day, Andrew DeVaney was inspired to build a global community passionate about bringing locally led, comprehensive, and holistic change to the most underserved communities of Uganda.

Out of his experiences, he ventured out — with the help of many friends — and created AsOne Ministries. AsOne Ministries set out to rethink Christ-centered community development. With an intentional choice to not divorce personal transformation from social change, the mission was clear: to end relational, spiritual, and economic poverty one community at a time.

Four years later, with the help of more than 1,000 supporters, more than 100 travelers, many board members, and a team of 60 and growing in Uganda — AsOne has made its presence known. AsOne brings a bold solution to poverty alleviation — one that releases the agency and capacity of local individuals within the communities it serves for long lasting transformation.

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