A Global Generosity Movement – GivingTuesday

GivingTuesday is a worldwide campaign that encourages generosity and demonstrates the true power of kindness. It was founded on compassion and generosity and inspires people across the globe to help those in need through a donation of their funds, their time or their voice.  It can be as simple as helping a neighbor in their yard to coordinating a winter coat drive for your local community.  Anything that spreads generosity to others.

The organization was founded to help individuals across the world develop compassionate hearts. As one of the most successful nonprofit organizations, its mission is to spread joy and provide people the opportunity to grow and live a more charitable life.

This nonprofit reminds us all that the little things can have big impact. From assisting a person in need to donating food or clothes in your local community—nothing is too small to have a positive effect on another person. Sometimes even a smile is enough to change someone’s mood and make their bad day much better. 

The genesis of the GivingTuesday nonprofit

This nonprofit was established in 2012 with the core goal of motivating and inspiring people to do good. It was started at the 92nd Street YMCA in New York City and it quickly grew to be an independent, nonprofit and global movement that inspires people “to give, collaborate, and celebrate generosity.”

Since 2012, the GivingTuesday movement has grown to be active in every country on every continent around the globe. It is always on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving—so this year it will take place on November 30th.  It is a great time of year to assess your current philanthropy and make any adjustments based on current need. 

You can also decide to bring your community together to do some charity work. There are many ways you can express kindness to people on GivingTuesday. You should choose something that will have impact and that you feel comfortable doing. If you are blessed with abundance, then you should be ready to offer a helping hand to people in need. 

Why does GivingTuesday use radical generosity?

The global GivingTuesday movement is a call-to-action for individuals to encourage radical generosity and meaningful action. By grounding our everyday activities, decisions, and behaviors in this idea, the campaign invites people everywhere on earth at every level of society. Those with means and without can contribute what they can so that broken systems may be repaired through an infusion (or injection) into them financially and emotionally, producing tangible results: positive changes happening daily!

Every Tuesday in 2021, with the exception of November 30, 2021, the GivingTuesday organization will hold #GivingEveryTuesday events. These will be a series of weekly opportunities to come together and give radically.

GivingTuesday members

GivingTuesday leaders are represented in over 70 countries around the world. The orchestrators of this fantastic cause are the passionate leaders in each company respectively. This movement invites people from all over who are passionate about radically giving to people who need it.

The organization pushes for other nonprofits, businesses, and individuals in the participating countries in each country. To join the cause, simply go to the “Join” section on the website menu and “Connect” with your local GivingTuesday movement.

Can your nonprofit organization join GivingTuesday?

Yes, your organization can become part of the movement. Register your group on the website or download the brochure to learn how. You may become part of the movement as supporters, sponsors, partners, donors, or volunteers.

An organization can be a group of people working towards a common goal to benefit society in some way. It can also be a business that uses its marketing budget to promote GivingTuesday. The organization welcomes such groups too.

How your nonprofit can use your GivingTuesday campaigns to reach many

If you want your organization to be part of the movement and reach potential supporters, donors, and other nonprofits, there are several ways you can. Here are the three most used ones:

Direct Mail

Direct mail is a very effective means to communicate with people about your nonprofit’s GivingTuesday campaign. This may entail you sending information on your plans–innovative and transformative ideas–to your donors so that they can contribute or become part of the movement.

This is a great idea to get more people on board which helps your organization, and most importantly, help someone who needs that support more than you.

If you are unsure how to execute a direct mail campaign, we are here for you. We have set templates that will help you curate the best fundraising letter and so much more. All you have to do is reach out, and we will do the rest!


Emailing might also be a helpful tool that you can reach people to spread your GivingTuesday campaigns. 

These might be the plans for your initiative plus the success of the previous campaigns. However, using email and other electronically generated material should be consistent and informative to keep people reading and anticipating your GivingTuesday campaigns.

Social media

Last but not least, social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even LinkedIn are popular and can be used by your nonprofit to promote your GivingTuesday campaigns. Using social media is fairly straightforward: you create a meaningful and relatable post, give it a clever and intriguing caption, and post it!

You may go the extra mile and sponsor that post at a minimal fee and set up demographics to reach the people you want the post to reach–this may be other philanthropists in nonprofits or individuals that are your target audience.

GivingTuesday initiatives for your Nonprofit

Here are some things that GivingTuesday is passionate about:


GivingTuesday collaboration initiatives gravitate towards bringing people together to work towards a common goal, whether it’s uniting for a cause or just to celebrate generosity.

GivingTuesday believes that collaboration leads to an increased interest in celebrating and promoting the spirit of giving, which adds up to more donations and better support for nonprofits. That said, no one can’t do it alone; we all need help.


GivingTuesday is also very passionate about bringing resources and people together to become innovative. Innovation entails finding new and better ways to work as a team and finding the right people to join the movement.

We see many things that need changing through our daily lives – that doesn’t just apply to charities and nonprofits – it applies to all areas of life.

GivingTuesday knows everyone has ideas on how things could be improved, so they want you to help them take action. The organization values your input and encourages you to share your ideas about needed changes in your community or around the world. The resources will open doors to help people bring ideas to life.


GivingTuesday aims to help communities and individuals transform and become better. This can be in just one area or across several regions.

For example, you could transform education by ensuring children have the support they need to learn and grow. You could also help to improve global health by ensuring each person, regardless of age, sex, status, etc., has the same access to care.

GivingTuesday wants people like you to help take action, and they will use their resources to help you. The organization empowers you with the needed information and structures to make it happen. 


GvingTuesday is very much into giving the younger generation inspiration to become better and do better. By showing them that they can make a difference and share stories of people like you who have broken society’s barriers. It’s all about encouraging growth, development, and nurturing talent.

Inspiration happens in all areas–personal lives, professional and societies. That’s why Giving Tuesday brings stories of people going through similar circumstances to empower, give hope and make sure you realize your impact on the world.

Can anyone join GivingTuesday?

Of course!

GivingTuesday welcomes everyone in your nonprofit to be part of the movement and make a more significant change in the world. Whether you’re a student, parent, or professional, everyone is welcome to be a part of this great movement.

Do you need professional experience?

No, you don’t need any specific knowledge in order to participate and help others. But there are some cases where you can train yourself or members in your nonprofit, like doing First Aid courses, for example. 

What can you do on GivingTuesday?

That’s actually relatively easy! People who participate may hold fundraisers or simply provide helpful information for others. For example, people may join forces and complete the project together if someone has an idea but is unsure how to carry it out. The best way of describing this whole movement would be like a joint venture where people donate their knowledge and labor to make the world a better place.

Ways Your Nonprofit Can Be Generous to Others through GivingTuesday

  • You can offer financial aid to run essential community projects
  • Offer monthly donations to the needy
  • You can become a source of informative and innovative ideas that can make the community and country at large a better place
  • Engage in department lending

On GivingTuesday, they encourage all nonprofits involved to think about all of the ways that you can give back. This includes donating time and money to a charitable organization or cause near and dear to your heart. 

Give big this year with an investment in yourself by volunteering for a nonprofit organization through GivingTuesday campaigns! Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to help you get this campaign in order through direct mailing and any other service you may require.

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