Thoughts on Compassion: Love For Our Elders puts smiles on seniors’ faces with handwritten letters

Love For Our Elders is an organization on a mission as simple as its name. Founded by Jacob Cramer when he was just 13 years old, the nonprofit is dedicated to writing letters of kindness that are distributed to senior citizens living in nursing homes. To date, Love For Our Elders has brought joy to over 20,000 seniors across the globe, motivating and inspiring people to give back to their elders in over 50 countries and on 6 continents.

When Cramer was 10 years old his grandfather, whom he was extremely close to, died. 

“I cried for weeks knowing my grandpa, a role model in my life, would no longer be there to give me his famous criticism about “not shaking hands like a dead fish,” to go on weekly strolls through our neighborhood park, or to celebrate with on holidays. Nor could he attend my wedding, meet my future children, or hug me ever again,” he wrote on his site. 

But Cramer quickly turned that grief into a way to give back. He jumped into action by volunteering at his local nursing home so he could help impact the lives of seniors the way they had impacted so many. While volunteering, he saw firsthand how many seniors didn’t get visitors. Knowing that others across the nation experienced the same isolation, Cramer started writing letters to the senior community. Soon, others began to join his mission and Love For Our Elders was created. The organization aims to inspires others to interact with seniors and bridge the age barrier.  

Since Cramer started Love for the Elderly 100,000 cards have been sent out the senior community. The need for them to feel loved and wanted has always been there, but even more so this year due to the pandemic because many are separated from families and their community. 

Cramer and his team of volunteer Kindness Ambassadors find senior communities to work with. They sort through all the letters received, read every one, bundle them in the quantity a center requests and send it to one person which helps make it so much easier on these senior communities to distribute.

We will share your story with other nonprofits around the world, in our newspaper, as well as in our digital media channels. We truly believe the world desperately needs it. Tell the world your story. We desperatly need to hear it.


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