Thoughts on Compassion: Looking after the coastlines and waterways

In 2008, while volunteering for the Galapagos National Park, Sam Judd, James Bailey and Zach Beard were shocked to find the uninhabited coasts inundated with litter.  In just eight days, they collected and removed 1.6 tons of waste from the shoreline. In addition, and despite a near-fatal tiger shark attack, the trio engaged 300 locals to help remove an additional 7.5 tons of litter from the remote San Cristobal Island. They pledged to continue their efforts back in New Zealand and Sustainable Coastlines Charitable Trust was born.

While their grass-roots program Love Your Coast grew, their efforts began to be recognized. On behalf of the Sustainable Coastlines team, Sam was named 2013 Young New Zealander of the Year. That same year, they picked up the Supreme Green Ribbon Award — the country’s most prestigious environmental award. And for their collaborative work with the Papua New Guinea Olympic Committee, the team won the Oceania Sport and the Environment Award from the International Olympic Committee and United Nations Environment Program in Sochi, Russia.

In 2015, the team launched Sustainable Coastlines Papua New Guinea. It was spearheaded by long-time team-member Ryley Webster, who had worked with locals in Port Moresby to build on the success of their existing grass-roots programs since 2012. Alongside huge clean-ups, the Papua New Guinea chapter has created award-winning community engagement and educational activities that have been recognized as international best practice by the United Nations.

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